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The Life Insurance Application

Just like the policies themselves, the process of applying for life insurance has many aspects. When applying for insurance the traditional way, through an agent, there will be several things you need to record on your application. These things include your medical history, your driving record, occupation, description and amount of insurance applied for, whether or not you have ever been refused life insurance before, the name(s) of your beneficiaries, and of course, your general information. A traditional application requires a great deal of information, so much that you may feel as if you are being scrutinized. In effect, you are, but to your benefit.

Getting Life Insurance Online

Online applications vary, but most only ask the most basic personal questions, such as height, weight, and whether or not you use tobacco. They will probably ask if you have been diagnosed with HIV, had any previous health treatments for things like cancer or heart disease and alcohol or drug use. You can also name a beneficiary. It usually takes about five minutes from beginning the application to completion. Online applications are great precisely because of this speed and convenience, but you should make sure that you are being serviced by a reputable company or broker. Online brokers must still be licensed within the state where the insurance will be in effect.

My Life Insured has partnered with a reputable online broker to provide our visitors quick and convenient access to online quotes and applications. However, our goal is to provide our visitors with a comfortable and easy-to-use resource for selecting the life insurance type, company and coverage that best fits your needs.

Buying Life Insurance: Getting Started

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