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Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Company Information

Lincoln Financial Group recently celebrated their 100th anniversary. Way back in 1905, President Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, gave The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company permission to use the Lincoln name based upon the strength of its commitment to integrity. In fact, he even sent the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based company a photograph of his father to use on its letterhead. Today, that tiny company has grown into a diversified financial group managing over $100 billion in assets. Its life insurance products continue to be issued through the flagship company, The Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., with the integrity and honesty personified by its namesake.

Life Plans offered by Lincoln Financial

  • Term Life Insurance:
    • Lincoln GTO: Offers guaranteed level premiums and is fully convertible

    • Lincoln STO: A lower-cost, convertible alternative with a 10-year guarantee of level premiums

    • Lincoln Level Term: Offers 10 or 15 year guaranteed level premiums with conversion credits

  • Whole Life Insurance:
    • WL-1: Focused on death benefit needs; offers a guaranteed cash value and premium and a high level flexibility

    • WL-1 CV: Focused on generating cash value

    • SWL-1: A survivorship policy that addresses both cash value and death benefit needs

  • Variable Universal Life:
    • Lincoln VUL (CV) IV: Focused on generating cash accumulation via a range of investment options

    • Lincoln VUL (DB) IV: Uses a range of investment options with a focus on death benefit.

    • Lincoln VUL (ONE) 2005: Offers the best of both cash accumulation and guaranteed death benefit; derives its name from an Optimal No-Lapse Enhancement Rider (ONE), so that coverage is guaranteed

    • Lincoln SVUL IV: A survivorship policy emphasizing both death benefit and cash value

    • Lincoln UL (LPR) 6: Includes a Lapse Protection Rider so that death benefit coverage is guaranteed for life

    • Lincoln UL (DB) 2: A lower cost policy designed to meet death benefit needs

    • Lincoln SUL (LPR) 6: A survivorship policy that offers the Lapse Protection Rider

    • Lincoln SUL (DB): A survivorship policy designed to meet death benefit needs

    • Lincoln MoneyGuard: Contains a rider that makes the death benefit available to cover the expenses of long-term care

    • Lincoln MoneyGuard-Flex: Is similar to regular MoneyGuard only it allows flexible premiums

    • Lincoln MoneyGuard-LS: Is a survivorship policy; like all MoneyGuard policies, it makes the death benefit available for coverage of long-term care

    • Lincoln LifeStyle Select: Offers the advantages of universal life insurance at a cost competitive with term life insurance policies

    Lincoln Financial Ratings

    AM Best A (2nd of 16)
    Fitch A+ ( 3rd of 24)
    Moody’s Aa3 (4th of 21)
    S&P AA- (4th of 21)

    Lincoln National Contact Information

    1500 Market St.
    Suite 3900
    Philadelphia, PA 19102-2112

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